Things to see & do

Sedge Fen

Sedge Fen - a last remnant of un-drained fenland 

Sedge Fen - a last remnant of un-drained fenland

Discover one of the last remnants of un-drained fenland in lowland Britain.

Explore the fen on the Boardwalk Trail or take the longer Nature Trail.

In autumn look out for hen and marsh harriers, barn owls, roe and muntjac deer.

Don't rush home - stay and watch our amazing fenland sunsets.


The mere & reed-beds

Wicken mere - a great place to spy on birds © Mike Selby

Wicken mere - a great place to spy on birds

Spy on native and migrant wildfowl from four hides overlooking the mere and wet scrapes.

In autumn look for the secretive bittern stalking the waters edge, bearded tits flitting through the reeds and cormorants sitting in the trees around the mere.

Baker's Fen

Lookout for Wicken’s herd of Konik ponies © Carol Laidlaw

Lookout for Wicken’s herd of Konik ponies

Head to Baker's Fen to see Wicken's free roaming herds of konik ponies and highland cattle.

In autumn and winter the wet grasslands are alive with the sight and sound of lapwings, as well as large flocks of wigeon and teal escaping the harsh Northern European winter.

Look out for barn and short eared owls quartering for a tasty vole or shrew.

Nature trails

There’s a variety of walks and trails to help you explore Wicken Fen

Enjoy a short walk on the Boardwalk Trail around Sedge Fen or discover Wicken's amazing birdlife on the Adventurers' Trail

Trail guides £1.50 are available from the Visitor Centre.

Spy on nature

Short eared owl on the lookout for a tasty vole

Wicken Fen is home to over 8,500 species of wildlife.

Get close to nature from our 9 wildlife hides over-looking Sedge Fen, the mere and wet grasslands.

Enjoy the views from the 10 metre Tower Hide.

Hide and seek


Can you find the 5 geocaches we've hidden on the reserve.

Download their co-ordinates at or borrow a GPS receiver from the Visitor Centre.


Cycle hire

Explore the wider reserve, local villages or take a longer ride to Anglesey Abbey.

We've a range of bikes, trikes, tags & trailers for hire from just £5.

Boat trips

Cruise our peacefull fenland waterways

Enjoy a peaceful cruise along the waterways of Wicken Fen on the Mayfly.

50 minute trips run daily from 29 March.

Adults £5.50, Child £3.25, Family ticket £16.

Wild camping

Enjoy a night under the stars at our remote wild campsite.

Ideal for families, groups of friends or Scout and Guide groups.

Lodes Way

Explore the Cambridgeshire Fens on the Lodes Way.

Walk or cycle to Anglesey Abbey (25.7km) or head to the historic city of Ely (22.5km).


Fen Cottage

Step inside our traditional fenworkers cottage © Fisheye Images

Step inside our traditional fenworkers cottage

Duck your head as you step into historic Fen Cottage.

The cottage is one of the last surviving buildings of a once thriving hamlet whose residents lived and worked on the fen.

Open daily, 11.30am - 4.30pm.

Fenman's workshop

Discover traditional fenland crafts © Wicken Fen

Discover traditional fenland crafts

Peer inside our recreation of a typical 1930s Fenman's workshop.

Discover how fenlanders earned a living from the fen harvesting sedge, peat digging, wildfowling, eel catching and willow working.