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So much to enjoy... come rain or shine

Regular baking demonstrations

Throughout the year we hold regular baking demonstrations, each one seasonally themed to show how our freshly milled wholemeal flour can be combined with a variety of local produce.

Don't miss our flour milling demonstrations

Milling demonstration at Winchester City Mill

Milling demonstration at Winchester City Mill

We hold regular milling demonstrations every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-4pm and also on Wednesdays during the summer months and school holidays.
Visit on a milling day and see our team of volunteer millers in action as they harness the power of the river Itchen to turn waterwheels, gears and millstones to produce traditional wholemeal flour.

A tranquil retreat in the heart of the city

Winchester City Mill island garden © National Trust / Ric Weeks

Winchester City Mill island garden

Set astride the fast flowing river Itchen the City Mill's island garden is a beautiful and tranquil setting in the heart of the historic city of Winchester. The perfect spot for a picnic, it is also home to a unique variety of wildlife, including water voles, kingfishers, grey wagtails, trout and even otters! Why not also take a short walk upstream to the nearby Winnal Moors Wildlife Reserve, a natural habitat spanning over 150 acres of floodplain. The reserve offers an insight into the natural environment that once would have been present along the whole of the Itchen valley.

Fun for all ages

Fun for all ages at Winchester City Mill

Fun for all ages at Winchester City Mill

We offer a wide range of family events for all age groups and interests; from quizzes and trails, costumed storytelling and traditional woodwork demonstrations through to talks, lectures and artistic exhibitions.

More adventures to enjoy

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