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Notice: On Monday 12 January at around 4.30pm there was an attack on our sheep by a Husky puppy. They sheep are currently in the Woolbeding Parkland, and have been since November and there are signs up asking people to have dogs on leads when around sheep. The ewe attacked was a lamb from this year and was bitten on a hind leg and the skin torn. She has had to have some veterinary treatment but thankfully her injuries are not life threatening. The field has 40 pregnant ewes in it so any chasing increases the risk of abortions and lambing loses. We would like to remind the public that it is a criminal offence to allow your dog to chase and attack livestock. PLEASE help us protect our stock and your dog, keep your dogs under control when there are stock in the field.

Experience a landscape shaped by traditional rural life

Woolbeding Estate in West Sussex is quietly tucked away in the tranquil Rother Valley. With its wide horizons and intimate secluded places, this huge estate has an extraordinary blend of habitats.

To the north are the wild and open greensand hills and commons. To the south take in glorious views from the parkland and wander along the River Rother with its steep-sided woods and pasture. It is an example of a mediaeval strip parish, divided by earth banks secured with stone-faced walls, marking boundaries between common and agricultural land.

Woolbeding Common is a lowland heath supporting rare birds such as woodlark and nightjar. Reptiles thrive here among heather and gorse together with specialist insects such as long-horned beetles.

Grazing by traditional hardy breeds maintains diverse, high-quality habitats. Old Spot and Saddleback pigs root down and break up the bracken rhizomes. Belted Galloway cows target graze the heath, and in the parkland browse alongside Sussex cows and Herdwick sheep. Their pasture lies beside the snaking loops of the River Rother shaded by magnificent oaks.

Fun family events

We hold a huge variety of events throughout the year on our countryside sites around Woolbeding. A Hallowe'en walk on Lavington Common, nature walks on Harting Down and bat walks at Drovers are just a few.

Warming walks

You can enjoy beautiful walks and strolls by the river and stunning downland views at Woolbeding, a perfect place to enjoy autumn colours and frosty days.


Volunteers scrub clearing © Howard Cooper

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved at Woolbeding, Harting Down or Lavington Common. If you love nature and being outdoors, then why not join our team of volunteers?