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Goat House goodies

Here’s your chance to buy a bag to take it all home in

Here’s your chance to buy a bag to take it all home in

Browse our tiny shop in the Goat House ticket office for things you won't find in many other National Trust places. We have a small range of National Trust goodies and also a tempting collection of quirky science and mathematical treats you can store away for birthday surprises.

Top Isaac Newton gifts

  • Wooden apples - hand-turned by a local craftsman just three miles away
  • Books - biographies of Isaac Newton and mathematical puzzles
  • Newton's cradles - for hours of fascination
  • Mugs and fridge magnets illustrated by Quentin Blake
  • Keyrings made from cuttings from The Tree
  • Scientific presents for all ages
  • Isaac's favourite? Lovely local Grantham Gingerbread

A good read

Volunteer in our second hand book shop

Our small second-hand bookshop expanded from a tabletop to a stable, with fiction and rather a lot of vintage cookery books donated by volunteers and local people. This year we're using the money we raise to help restore an eighteenth century copy of Isaac Newton's Principia which we were given by a visitor.

We love your donations of hardbacks and paperbacks in good condition - just hand them to our Visitor Services team in the Goat House.

Drop in for a snack - and stay for the science

Despite its small size our Coffee Shop is packed with flavour including tasty soup, locally-made sandwiches, filter coffee, teas, hot chocolate and a range of cakes, some gluten-free.

We're just five minutes off the A1, so Woolsthorpe's a great place to drop in if you're on the road. Beware though, some people stop for a quick bite and stay for hours.