Things to see & do

Summertime at Woolsthorpe

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Writing on the wall

18th-century grafitti!

In the Manor House there are mysterious drawings scratched into the plaster - some are Isaac's and some are witch marks to keep out evil spirits. This one was done by a visiting maths professor in 1779. 

The graffiti are part of our collection of historic items. Two volunteers have been trained to keep the records up to date – and, even though our collection is relatively modest, it keeps them busy all year round. See more of our graffiti here.

Hands-on science

Watch this very carefully...

Did you know Isaac Newton also made the first reflecting telescope, split light into rainbow colours and did some very tricky maths indeed at Woolsthorpe?

You can explore some of his ideas in the Science Discovery Centre, using light and lenses, gravity and orbits. Our volunteers love to share science with you and they're on hand to explain and answer questions wherever you are on the science spectrum.

St John's Church

Sundial carved by Isaac Newton, now in Colsterworth church

A short walk from Woolsthorpe Manor is the medieval church of St John the Baptist in Colsterworth. Newton was baptised here on 1 January 1643, and his parents lie in a grave now lost underneath the organ. High up and hidden behind that same organ is a sundial he is said to have carved with a penknife when he was only nine years old. You can pick up a leaflet with the route from the Goat House ticket office.