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Members of our Workhouse volunteer community © Garry Barker

Members of our Workhouse volunteer community

Our volunteer community

At The Workhouse, we have a team of over 200 volunteers and welcome new faces all the time. You will be guaranteed to receive a friendly welcome, a cup of tea and a biscuit!

One volunteer describes her experience; 'It's fun, I'm giving something back to the community, we're like a large family.'

Life as a volunteer

Margaret Marshall, costume volunteer at The Workhouse

Find out about life as a volunteer at The Workhouse.

Margaret Marshall - costume volunteer

Paul Stevens - room guide and costumed interpreter


We have a varied range of exciting and engaging roles. From room guiding to gardening, there is a role to suit every personality at The Workhouse.

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Apply today and we'll arrange for you to visit The Workhouse for a personal tour and a chat with our volunteer recruiter. For more information call 01636 817263 or email us.

Norma's thoughts

Why Norma volunteers

Why Norma volunteers

What inspired Norma to volunteer at The Workhouse? Now a fully fledged member of the volunteer team, Norma enjoys spending time gardening and assisting with conservation work.

Meet Maddie

Maddie Ball, age 11, is our youngest volunteer. She volunteers at The Workhouse with her mum and grandma.

Find out about Maddie's work

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