Victorian Vegetable Garden

 © Ian Shaw

Fresh, local, seasonal and historical

Our Victorian vegetable garden is crammed full of unusual and exciting varieties of fruit and vegetables, many of which are grown from heritage seeds.

The garden is planted and harvested following a three-year rotation method, popular during the 1850s.

Garden volunteers

Members of The Workhouse garden team

Our volunteers devote many hours to tending the garden and take great pride in the quality and range of vegetables that they harvest.

Interested in joining the team?

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Garden produce

An abundance of produce in The Workhouse garden

During the open season, home-grown produce is available to purchase from The Workhouse vegetable barrow.

Freshly picked on Wednesdays, choose from a wide range of delicious heritage varieties to take home and try.

Unusual varieties

Many varieties of beans, potatoes and root vegetables are grown

  • Highland Burgundy potatoes - great for pink mash
  • Salad Blue potatoes - purple spuds that turn the water turquoise
  • White Beetroot - looks like onion, tastes like beetroot
  • Custard White Squash - hollow out and roast