Cameras at the ready for the Foliage Garden

The inviting bower seat © National Trust/Marina Rule

The inviting bower seat

Adults and children alike just can't resist trying out the bower seat in this section of Trengwainton's walled garden.  No visit is complete without a photograph of loved ones peering out from its green interior.  Cut out of a large Podocarpus acutifolius in 1993, it draws people like a magnet.

Look out from its shady interior and you'll see plants usually associated with more tropical climates: a lush banana plant occupies one corner of the bed in front of you and even produces fruit.  The beautiful Clethra arborea (Lily of the Valley tree) from Madeira makes up another part of the view and, directly ahead of you, there are a number of ornamental grasses with gorgeous stripy stems.

Pseudopanax feros, with its sword-like leaves, and Tetrapanax papyrifer thrive here along with a number of tender foliage plants.

Before leaving the foliage garden, don't forget to look out for the Lapageria 'Flesh Pink' Penhale on the wall to the right of the gate.  Sometimes known as the Chilean Bellflower, it produces glorious, waxy bell-shaped flowers that are 8cm (3in) long and 5cm (2in) wide.

Did you know?

Tetrapanax papyrifer is commonly known as 'Rice Paper Plant'.  To find out more, why not check out this fascinating article: