Trengwainton's fruity and potty Container Garden

Anything that can hold soil is put to use in the Container Garden © National Trust/Marina Rule

Anything that can hold soil is put to use in the Container Garden

In this part of the garden we hope to bring a smile to your lips - as well as inspiration to your mind - with our quirky assortment of plant-filled containers.  Got some old wellies, tins or pots at home?  Visit the Container Garden for great ideas of how to turn them into garden features. 

If you think you don't have room for a garden, our aim with these containers is to show that, no matter how small the space, you can grow your own food.

In the summer, you'll be tantalised by borders bursting with ripe raspberries blackcurrants, redcurrants and strawberries.  If the temptation proves too much, visit our tea-room where they often end up as desserts.

At Trengwainton we like to experiment, so there are two young pear trees being trained on the walls as espaliers and four plum trees.  Plum trees are notoriously difficult to grow, so we're not yet sure they'll survive the vagaries of West Cornwall’s weather.  We're happy to try though, and that way we can share the details of our successes and failures with other keen gardeners.  If there's a member of our garden team working here when you visit, why not ask how we're getting on?

The two ‘Morello’ cherries on the north-facing wall will be fan-trained; this is one of the few varieties of fruit which will happily grow and ripen in a north facing situation.  Look out too for the blueberry and goji berry plants in the top border.

This section of the garden also provides a focal point for many of the events which take place at Trengwainton.