50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Emmetts

We think Emmetts Garden is a brilliant place to visit to tick off items on your 50 things mission.

We've made a list below of the challenges you might enjoy completing here, we may even be able to help you along the way.

    Come rain or shine

    Kite flying, a great way to see experience the outdoors.

    6. Run around in the rain - Make the most of your visit come rain or shine. Shelter spots - the gazebo, the information hut and don’t forget to warm up with a hot chocolate afterwards in the tea-room.

    7. Fly a kite - On a windy day the meadow is the perfect place for kite flying.

    Seasonal favourites

    Blackberries growing in the hedgerows

    10. Play conkers - There is a horse chestnut tree at the entrance to the North Garden. Even if you don’t manage to play conkers today it may be a good chance to collect some to play with later - my secret for the perfect competition conker is 2 days soaking in vinegar before you play.

    21. Pick blackberries growing in the wild
    - Head up to the woods for the best ones.

    Woodland challenges

    A bluebell wood in spring

    1. Climb a tree - There are lots of trees that you can climb in our woodland. Remember only to climb trees that have big sturdy branches that you can hold on to and make sure that an adult is nearby.

    22. Explore inside a tree - Most of our big trees fell down in a terrible storm in 1987; can you find any hollows in the trees that survived?

    34. Track wild animals - There are plenty of tracks in the garden and the badgers are big fans of our tulip bulbs.

    28. Climb a huge hill
    - It’s big for Kent. Head down to the woods and wheeze your way back up.

    Get stuck in in the garden

    A boy bowling

    2. Roll down a really big hill - You can do this in our meadow. Tuck your arms in and off you go, don't forget to mind the bumps on the way.

    25. Make a grass trumpet - Long grass is best; find some in the meadow.

    31. Hunt for bugs - There are plenty of bugs all over the garden. Remember how big you are and how small they are so please treat them with care.

    49. Find a geocache - Pick up a geocaching pack, including GPS device, from the Visitor Welcome Centre and discover the four caches hidden around the estate.

Pick up a booklet from the information hut and find the challenge for you at Emmetts Garden or sign up online.