Things to see & do

Church view from Farnborough estate © Chris Lacey

Church view from Farnborough estate

Guided Walks

Guided Parkland Walk
Saturday 5 September, 10am – 3pm.

Join us for a 5 mile walk around the local countryside taking in the local views and vistas.

Meet at the Sourlands Lake car park.

£5 per person. Booking essential
on 01295 671122.


The grand design on a small scale

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Take a stroll

Look across the Warmington Valley to the lakes and parkland beyond

The secrets of Farnborough continue outside of the formal grounds. Take a wander around the parkland, a rare example of a ferme ornee, or cross the road to explore the woodland and ponds. Spot seasonal changes in wildlife, from trees to insects as you delve deeper into the past.

Intriguing interiors

The artistic glamour of the entrance hall

Step inside the honey-coloured stone walls, and discover the hidden treasures of Farnborough Hall, remaining largely unaltered since the 18th century. It is a personal collection containing exquisite sculptures, porcelain and artwork by Panini and Canaletto. Admire the grand staircase leading up to the library, with its 18th century skylight dome and wall decoration, all part of the grand design.

Visit nearby Upton

Open all year round at weekends. 

Upton House has been transformed back to World War 2. It became home to a London merchant bank which evacuated the City to the safety of Warwickshire. You will experience every detail; bedrooms converted to dormitories, the utility furniture and the clatter of typewriters.