Swap the office for Leith Hill

Corporate volunteers peel chestnut in the woods © National Trust

Corporate volunteers peel chestnut in the woods

Leith Hill can offer businesses a unique opportunity to work on conservation tasks and provide extraordinary team building exercises.

Sometimes seen as a reward for staff, customers and clients, the business rewards of these exercises are also evident, with improved productivity, relief from stress and newly reinforced relationships.

At Leith Hill, we work with all businesses, irrespective of size. With clear and concise instructions from our rangers in a safe working environment, we will even help you cook on an open fire for the day.

We can also offer more extensive working holidays with self-catering accommodation at Henman Bunkhouse.

Try some balsam bashing

Over the year we involve volunteers in seasonal tasks like balsam bashing or hazel coppicing. We also try to allow for a memento to be taken home from the experience.

Festive heathland management gets pine trees uprooted for everyone to take home and decorate for Christmas.

In the spring we make besom brooms from felled birch. While in the summer, we fill the kiln with wood and provide a bag of fresh charcoal for barbecues.

Whether you choose to help for a day, a weekend or the whole week, your time out of the office can contribute hugely to the continued management of Leith Hill and Holmwood Common.

If you are interested in working as a corporate or social group, please contact the Leith Hill office to arrange a date to come and join us.