Top 10 must-see features of Lindisfarne Castle

High from its rocky crag, Lindisfarne commands a spectacular position on Holy Island.

The Castle had kept watch over the harbour for three centuries before being converted into a comfortable Edwardian holiday home by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Originally built in the Tudor period when the Anglo-Scottish border was the frontline, it continued to be garrisoned until the late nineteenth century – showing its importance to national security.

When exploring the building, look out for these Top 10 features which highlight both the military and domestic sides of the Castle.

    1. The Entrance Hall

    The Entrance Hall, Lindisfarne Castle

    Lutyens created a dramatic entry to the Castle, with classical arches and dominant sandstone pillars.

    2. Bread ovens

    The 16th century bread ovens in the Dining Room fireplace, Lindisfarne Castle

    Nestled in the Dining Room fireplace, the soldiers used these to bake bread within the safety of the walls.

    3. Vaulted ceilings

    The Dining Room, Lindisfarne Castle

    The massive vaulted ceilings in the Ship Room and Dining Room date (we think) from the mid-18th-century. 

    4. The Long Gallery

    The Long Gallery, Lindisfarne Castle

    The only pure-Lutyens area of the Castle used to be exposed to the elements!

    5. Gun emplacements

    The Castle once maintained 11 guns, see if you can work out how the 3 later versions visible today worked.

    6. Wind indicator

    Above the fireplace in the Castle

    A piece of Edwardian quirkiness is at the same time an artistic and mechanical wonder.

    7. The Henrietta

    The figurehead on the model ship Henrietta, Ship Room, Lindisfarne Castle

    Hanging from the ceiling of the Ship Room, this model takes 1 member of staff 3 days to clean!

    8. Lutyens woodwork

    Detail of a Lutyens door latch in Lindisfarne Castle

    Specially designed furniture and door fittings can be found throughout the Castle, all original and in Sir Edwin’s distinctive style.

    9. The Bacon Settle

    A photo of part of the Bacon Settle in the Kitchen, Lindisfarne Castle

    Sheltering the Kitchen range from cold draughts, this is one of our most popular pieces of furniture.

    10. The views

    A rainbow on the horizon beyond the headland, Lindisfarne Castle

    The Castle boasts staggering views of the coastline and Cheviot hills – depending on the weather of course!