Monitoring the moors

Our survey group monitor vegetation and the conservation work © National Trust

Our survey group monitor vegetation and the conservation work

Surveying and monitoring of the Marsden Moor Estate has been taking place for years with a group of dedicated volunteers, usually whatever the weather. The survey team look at the conservation work that has been carried out and monitor it over a period of time. The data collected enables the wardens to know how effective the work is that helps to prevent peat erosion and encourage re-vegetation.

Until 2011 the work was done primarily by volunteers, but from 2012 the survey team will have more help and will be able to carry out more research and analyse it more successfully.

The Marsden Moor Estate has received a £111,069 funding boost from SITA Trust to fund a 'Marsden Moor Bog Biodiversity' project. The 3 year funding will be used to undertake ongoing essential conservation and restoration works. It will also establish baseline monitoring and survey data to ensure that the conservation works are achieving their aims.

SITA Trust provides funding through the Landfill Communities Fund. Funding is available for community and environmental groups to carry out a range of improvement projects.   

The funding will enable Marsden Moor to increase the work already undertaken with our volunteers and establish baseline data on the condition of the estate. It will give us the opportunity to monitor the flora and fauna species plus engage further members of the public, community and school groups. These groups will have more opportunity to become involved with caring for the area through conservation and monitoring and surveying works.

The 2,500 hectare estate carries a number of designations for its value as a habitat, including for a variety of upland breeding birds such as curlew, twite and grouse. The restoration and stabilisation of the peat is also key to delivering clean water in this catchment area.