Our work

The many sides of Ormesby Hall

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Take a look at the many areas of work we are involved in here at Ormesby Hall. There is never a dull moment, we are always working hard to make the Hall a truly wonderful place to visit. On this page you will get a good idea of the amount of projects we are involved with and what we get up to out of season. The team here in the Hall, which is made up of staff and volunteers, work tirelessly to ensure that we are for ever, for everyone.

Inspiring Stories in 2014

We will be marking the centenary of Joan Littlewood & Ormesby Hall as 'the spiritual home of modern British theatre' with Fun Palace events all summer, as well as examining the domestic effects of WWI.

The Pennyman Coat-of-Arms

Come and take a look at our magnificent new Coat of Arms displayed above our Jacobean door. Follow its journey of restoration by Cliveden Conservation ltd as we peel back the layers of the history behind it.

During the winter months

Find out what we got up during our winter months. We had a couple of interesting projects to keep us busy, from restoring the Coat of Arms to upgrading visitor areas in preparation for the new season.

House happenings

Take a look at the historic collection held at Ormesby Hall. Our staff work tirelessly carrying out detailed inventory checks of all rooms to ensure each item is documented on the online database CMS - Collections Management System.

Gardener's delights

This season our summer bedding will honour the colours of our newly restored Pennyman Coat of Arms. Why not stop by and see our wildlife garden that is progressing wonderfully and will soon become an enchanting part of the Ormesby estate.

Behind the scenes

Keep up with the latest things happening at Ormesby Hall by liking our Facebook page. From events to conservation to gardening we have everything covered on here, so you won't miss a moment.