Amazing new maze opens at Speke Hall: Sat 9 July

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Latest update 04.01.2013 11:14

When the world's leading maze designer, Adrian Fisher, created the new maze at Speke Hall, he was thinking in four dimensions. With 12 gates, 5 bridges, 4 finger mazes, 3 weather vanes and a tower, Speke Hall's new maze is just amazing.

'The theme of the maze reflects Speke's Victorian farming history', says Adrian. 'Normally a maze would be in two dimensions but because Speke's maze has 5 bridges, this introduces a third dimension, and, thanks to its 12 moveable gates, we have a fourth dimension - that of time. This is because each gate illustrates a particular 19th-century agricultural ‘theme’ based on the Victorian technology of the time. See if you can spot horses and carts, ploughs and wheatsheaves on your way around.'

Moveable maze gates

The mathematics behind the 12 moveable gates means that each can be set in one of two positions, thus changing the maze routes and providing six totally different maze challenges – almost one for every day of the week.

It’s all the more reason to keep coming back and trying out a new maze experience – it’s great fun, and of course you can try to beat your own best time in seeing how long it takes you to get round it.

Future maze events

'It's the first time we've ever had a year round attraction here at Speke', says Simon Osborne, the Trust's Liverpool Property Manager. 'We hope to use the maze as a location for activities such as quizzes with a mathematical or horticultural theme, trails and even outdoor theatre. We may even think about hiring it out as a unique venue for special occasions including birthdays, corporate events or even weddings'.

Speke Hall maze opens on Saturday 9 July at 11am. For further information call 0151 427 7231 and follow the latest maze news on our twitter feed: @NTSpekeHall