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Visit our new operating theatre on your tour of the house © Genevieve Aberdeen

Visit our new operating theatre on your tour of the house

The First World War operating theatre

During the First World War many country houses were given over to the war effort. Our house was used as a military hospital.

To commemorate this anniversary we embarked on a project to return one of our rooms to how it would have looked when it was used as an operating theatre.

Poppy field


This year we’ve added poppy seeds to our meadow. We hope that when the daffodils have gone over and summer arrives, we’ll have a field full of poppies. Also, keep an eye out for the red, white and blue planting in the parterre.

Pinhole viewer


See a scene from the marble hall in wartime. We’re installing a pinhole viewer in the marble hall which allows you to see the room as it would have looked one hundred years ago when it was used as a hospital ward.

Autograph books

We've got two amazing autograph books belonging to nurses at the hospital, full of drawings by the patients. We're producing transcriptions of these books for you to look through. Look out for a full scale exhibition of the images in 2015.