Erddig's servants

The servants in 1912 © Erddig archives

The servants in 1912

From the 18th century the Yorke family had a tradition of recording their servants, first in portraits and then in photographs and always in poetry.

This photograph was taken in 1912 on the steps at the front of the Erddig house. It doesn't show all the servants working at Erddig at this time but is a copy of a similar photograph taken in 1852.

In both photographs each of the servants holds an object to give a clue as to what their job is. Can you work out who would use each item?

The clues are:

  • a silver salver
  • a dead pigeon
  • a wine bottle
  • a bunch of keys
  • a brush x 2
  • a saw
  • a pair of children's shoes
  • ironed linen x 2
  • a rake
  • a watering can
  • a whip

Their names are:

Front row from the left
Frank Lovett (Footman), Rose Williams (Cook), William Wootton (Butler), Jane Brown (Housekeeper), Bessie Gittins (2nd Housemaid), William Gittins (Estate Foreman), John Jones (2nd Footman)

Second row from the left
Lucy Hitchman (Children's Nurse), Alice Jones (Head Laundrymaid), Mary Ellis (2nd Laundrymaid), Albert Gillam (Head Gardener), Edith Haycock (Head Housemaid), William Price (Gardener)

At the back
John Jones (Coachman)

Servants not included in the photograph include the Kitchen and Scullery maids, the  Nursemaid, the 3rd Housemaid and 3rd Laundrymaid, many gardeners, and the groom.

How much did they earn a month?

See the servants' wages in 1911. But remember that their food, accomodation and uniforms were provided free.