The garden today at Powis Castle

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All gardens, even historic gardens, are living entities, which develop over the years according to the effects of time, climate, interest and money. The garden at Powis has seen some hard times as well as good, but today it's doing splendidly.

Its several historic styles have miraculously survived and stand as examples to be studied and enjoyed by all. Its planting is the envy of gardeners worldwide and the skills of its gardeners are famous; many managers and head gardeners of Britain’s most important gardens were once apprentices at Powis.

Fit for future

Powis is working for the future, too. The Kitchen Garden, banished from sight by Lady Violet, is once again the powerhouse of the garden. In her well-maintained original glasshouses, thousands of plants are reared for the garden and for sale to visitors.

Greener gardening

All this is achieved on a carbon-neutral basis, taking heat for the greenhouses from ground-source pumps and from photo-voltaic panels. The nursery’s water supply is drawn from a borehole and supplied to plants grown in peat-free compost.

Every scrap of green waste from the garden is composted and, as in centuries past, the gardeners still go into the woods in winter to cut hazel twigs and poles for use as supports in the herbaceous borders.

The garden today

Throughout the site, whether in design, planting or practice, the old sits happily and productively with the new – surely a recipe for success in any garden.