Discover the art of blacksmithing

The 'Smithy' hard at work in the forge © Bernie Brown

The 'Smithy' hard at work in the forge

Enter a time warp in our 19th-century forge as you explore the life of the skilled tradesman. Take a step into the past as you learn about a dying art that was hugely important for the estate.

In its day, the forge at Florence Court would have been a hive of activity. The blacksmith would have been a master in both practical and decorative pieces. He was responsible for the maintenance and production of the estates agricultural machinery; from the simple horseshoe to the more complex structures like hand ploughs and hay grabs.

The ‘smithy’ could have been described as an artist- he was a highly experienced craftsman, and produced complicated pieces such as ornamental hinges and trivets which were made especially for the house.

This was a trade which was passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, an art which has sadly died out in the 20th-century. Fortunately, our forge is still fully functional, and visitors can have the opportunity to see the forge in action on certain days of the year, as it is brought back to life through the hands of a local blacksmith. At Florence Court, we want to preserve this important art for future generations to appreciate. During the summer months we will be running demonstration days to show visitors the art of blacksmithing.

We hope that demonstrations will allow the forge at Florence Court to be used for years to come, continuing its legacy and providing unique and special experiences for all of our visitors. For information on when demonstrations will be taking place contact us on 028 6634 8249.