Gothic Tower conservation project

The project

Engraving of Wimpole’s Gothic Tower ruin

Engraving of Wimpole’s Gothic Tower ruin

In June 1749 Sanderson Miller was asked by George Lyttelton to design a ruined Gothic castle for his friend Lord Hardwicke. This was to be similar to the one erected by Miller in the grounds of Hagley Hall in 1748-9.

Through funding from DEFRAs Higher Level Scheme (HLS) managed by Natural England, the conservation of the tower structure and stonework has been made possible.  Further funding from the National Trust will allow the reinstatement of the windows, doors and external rear staircase.

Scaffold down?

Wimpole Gothic tower

The work is due to finish in March by which time the scaffold should have come down and you will be able to walk around the walls, in front and behind. To keep up with progress, check out Wimpole's Blog

So what's the plan?

Wimpole Gothic tower

  • Repairs to all stonework and walls
  • Reinstatement of the crenellation on top of the tower, windows, doors and the external rear staircase
  • Conservation of flora and fauna with an increase in the short grass conservation areas
  • Removal of fence line in front of the tower and improving public access to the exterior of the building

All in a days work

Some of the conservation specialists, volunteers and building surveyors working on the project will keep us up to date with what they've been doing as the project progresses, so check out our blog.

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