Our top ten things to do at Lanhydrock

There's now yet another excuse to enjoy the outdoors at Lanhydrock: the National Trust's fantastic challenge of 50 things to do before you're 11¾.

To show the winter weather shouldn't stop you having fun outside, we've made a selection of the top ten activities available at Lanhydrock in the winter (and even if you're over 11¾ you can still have a go).

    No 1: Climb a tree

    A man sitting in a tree

    With hundreds of trees on the estate, there's no shortage of choice - but not all our trees are suitable to climb.

    Make sure you come prepared, with the right clothing and footwear and choose trees with thick, sturdy branches that will take your weight.

    No 6: Run around in the rain

    Children enjoying Easter celebrations in the rain

    Let's not beat around the bush - it rains a lot in the English winter, even in the sunny South West.

    That shouldn't stop you having fun outdoors though, as there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. Cover up in a raincoat and wellies and get out there. Altogether now: 'We're singing in the rain....'

    No 10: Play conkers

    Conkers in the grounds at Lanhydrock, Cornwall

    The huge horse chestnut trees on the estate produce industrial quantities of conkers so you'll easily be able to find the perfect one for a conker fight.

    Get a grown-up to pierce the conker to thread the string though as this can be tricky.

    No 13: Make a mud pie

    Two boys making mud pies

    The two things needed for this challenge are lots of mud and a willingness to get really messy.

    There's no shortage of either most of the winter at Lanhydrock, so this should be a pretty easy one. Just check that brown stuff is only mud and not something smellier and get stuck in.

    No 18: Balance on a fallen tree

    A child balancing on a fallen tree in the garden

    Channel your inner gymnast...

    The estate is full of fallen trees that have been left on the ground to encourage bugs and fungi so you'll have no trouble completing this challenge, as long as you've got good balance.

    No 22: Take a look inside a tree

    A man looking into a hollow tree

    There are some amazing ancient trees on the estate at Lanhydrock.

    To find one that's hollow, follow the path up from the gatehouse and inspect the trees on your right. Just remember, there could be a furry squirrel hiding inside who might make you jump.

    No 31: Hunt for bugs

    Child holding up a plastic pot filled with bugs

    It's beetle-tastic here at Lanhydrock - there are so many old trees and patches of long grass to hide in.

    Find an old tree stump and look closely and you're bound to find plenty of creepy crawlies. You could even get a magnifying glass from the shop to help you find teeny bugs. Remember that the bugs will be a lot more scared of you than you are of them.

    No 35: Discover what's in a pond

    Young ranger club  pond dipping Denbies Hillside, Surrey

    Finding the Lanhydrock pond is an adventure in itself.

    From the gatehouse, head south-east across the park until you reach the group of trees at the bottom of the hill. Go through the gate to discover the pond and try your hand at pond dipping. There's a map on our 50 things leaflet at reception that will show you where to go.

    No 49: Find a geocache

    Children finding the booty inside one of the geocache treasure boxes

    There are numerous geocaches hidden around Lanhydrock.

    Log on to www.geocaching.com to find the co-ordinates of boxes on the estate, load a GPS app onto your phone and off you go.

    No 77: Fly a kite

    Kite flying, a great way to see experience the outdoors.

    Bring a kite or buy one from our shop and then head out onto the estate for some exciting kite-flying.

    There are plenty of wide open spaces to choose from, but remember that sometimes it can be too windy - we wouldn't want you to get carried away.

We hope you enjoy taking up the '50 things...' challenge here. Why not visit our facebook page and tell us how you got on? We'd love to hear from you.

Remember to register for 50 Things online - when you've ticked off all 50 challenges you can win an explorer medal.