Yorkshire Moors & Dales Appeal: Malham Tarn

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In a landscape with green fields and drystone walls, the National Trust cares for land on its Malham Tarn Estate.

Malham Tarn is part of the National Nature Reserve and is an internationally important wetlands site. We are working to restore its hydrology and ecosystems.

We've worked hard to improve access to our land and help explain more about the work that the National Trust does in the Dales.

But there's so much work that always needs to be done. Over the next two years, we hope to complete peat restoration projects and plant new woodlands (valleyside and gill).

To help you get up close to nature we also plan to produce a new wildlife booklet for the Dales, and wildlife ID charts - all leading to the introduction of wildlife webcams in secret locations.

We also have plans to introduce cycle hire - giving more opportunity for people to come and explore the Dales in new ways.

Your contribution today, no matter how small, really will make a difference. Can you help?

• £15 buys 3 bird or bat boxes or 5 wildlife ID charts
• £25 buys a tree
• £50 buys 1 outreach visit
• £100 buys 3m drystone walling or 1m of flags for footpath work