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Hardwick welcomes families so come and enjoy a fun day out. © John Millar

Hardwick welcomes families so come and enjoy a fun day out.

Did you enjoy your day at Hardwick

We are always keen to know if you had a very enjoyable day at Hardwick or if there are things we can improve. Complete our visitor survey online or ask one of our members of staff for a hard copy.


What our visitors say

  • A lot of thought and hard work has gone into making the visit as enjoyable as possible for young visitors
  • The house is so complete one can imagine living there
  • Never tire of visiting the hall, the guided tours are very informative
  • Always a very nice welcome from one of the volunteers.
  • I love the house, love the grounds and atmosphere
  • We never get bored with this venue
  • The food is excellent and decent portions. I love the place
  • The plaster frieze is unlike anything I've seen before

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Throughout your visit to Hardwick, if you think something is amazing or we could do something better or you have a brain wave of an idea, find a comment card and jot it down.

There are comment cards in every area of the property and we really enjoy hearing what our visitors think.

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