Meet Nymans gardener, Chris

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Chris Gasson

Chris and his practical skills are always called upon, be it to build a new potting bench for the nursery, lay some hard landscaping or fell a tree in the pinetum.

He is one of the team's more energetic characters and likes to be kept busy. He's easily recognised by his numerous tattoos and has an impressive appetite.

What's your main responsibility within the garden team?  I manage the compost zone and look after the lily pond. I am also the joker of the team.

How long have you worked at Nymans? 17 years.

What did you do before? I was at college and when I left I came to work here.

What is your favourite thing about working at Nymans? The garden.

What would you like to be doing if you weren't doing this job? I'd love to be working on motorbikes.

What's your secret talent? I'm quite good at woodwork and enjoy creating things.

What's your favourite part of the garden and why?  I particularly like the lily pond in the arboretum because it has a more natural feel to it compared to the garden. There's loads of wildlife down there too which is great and I love seeing all the dragonflies.

What's your favourite type of baked good? Any cake really, I'm not fussy.

What gardening job do you most dislike? I hate weeding and working on my own.

Did you know... I love fishing and will do overnight trips to local ponds in the summer.