1955: Making hay at Tyntesfield by Derek Clark

Hay bales at Tyntesfield

Hay bales at Tyntesfield



Fancy a ride on the hay bales? Read about how the children rode back to the farm.


'Haymaking was another wonderful season on the farm, used to cut the fields, not a bit of hay wasted. 

I can always recall that they used to keep a hay rake up on the top of Portbury Reign in a little shed there. And it was a great big long rake, where you used to turn the wheels 90 degrees on it when you got it in the field because it was too wide to bring down the road, they used to bring it long ways and they’d turn it round and they’d rake up all the grass and everything was baled; there was no waste and then we used to ride on the top of the hay, all the way back to the farm, to the barn. 

I can’t imagine that being done today under health and safety and things but we did it and we loved it and it was always a lovely summer's night when they were taking the hay in, you can always remember the sunshine for some reason.'

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