1950: The animals at Tyntesfield by Joan Thresher

Pig found in the garden at Tyntesfield Park © John Miller

Pig found in the garden at Tyntesfield Park



Joan Thresher (resident of Tyntesfield Park) talks about the animals on the park including finding a Tortoise and a pig in the garden.

They had a big garden and grew all their own vegetables. She remembers her husband digging and he came back and showed her a tortoise he had dug up. The tortoise must have been hibernating and they had it for years after.

The lady in front of them had a rabbit, which she used to keep in a pen. Joan’s son was really concerned about the rabbit as it was never taken in, even in the frost. Her son made her go and ask if they could have it and she was glad to get rid of it. Her son used to take it up to Stratford-upon-Avon to visit her mother. The rabbit was called Minnie and he used to go on a lead. She lived until she was 13.

One day, Joan got up and there was a big pig in the garden eating their vegetables.  She thinks it belonged to a farmer at the bottom of Belmont Hill. Eventually the police came and got it. There were very few fences about.

They also had the deer come down once or twice from the top of the hill but they used to disappear very quickly. By the time she left Tyntesfield Joan had five cats and a dog. People moved and left their animals. The local doctor liked cats and would come and collect the strays.

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