1947: Moving to Tyntesfield Park Estate

An aerial view of Tyntesfield Park in 1946 © NMR

An aerial view of Tyntesfield Park in 1946



In 1947, Bill moved to Tyntesfield Park Estate. This former US Army Hospital consisted of brick built wards, with each ward broken into family units and refurbished as living accommodation by the council. The estate had a central boiler that gave hot water 24/7.

About 150 families lived there over 12 years. Bill comments that it seemed like heaven to them. Tyntesfield Park Estate had a small shop, library, chapel, a licensed club, children’s parties, sports days, flower shows. In those austere post-war years there was a big focus on make-do-and-mend philosophy. Many of the families, like Bill’s, were those of ex-servicemen. There was a wonderful community spirit.

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