1949: Lord Wraxall at Tyntesfield

Inside the ornate Gothic chapel at Tyntesfield. © Andreas von Einsiedel

Inside the ornate Gothic chapel at Tyntesfield.



Bill remembers that Lord Wraxall was very kind and put up with a lot of things. Bill explains that the children were spreading their wings and roamed into areas they should not have gone around the Tyntesfield Estate.

Lots of the children at Tyntesfield Park started to learn about agriculture from the farms on the estate. They learnt how to plough with the horse.

Lord Wraxall put an invite out for the Carol Service over Christmas and he told the story of how his grandfather had built a similar type of chapel in Keble College, Oxford as the one in the grounds. The chapel was very opulent but cold. There were heaters but they kept breaking down so everyone had to wrap up warm.  He made life very interesting.

There was also Rogation Sunday (the blessing of the crops) when they used to walk round to the various farms and the local vicar from Wraxall would accompany them. The Salvation Army band used to come with them to play hymns.

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