Meet Sam - one of our rangers

Walling is just one of Sam's skills © photographybyward

Walling is just one of Sam's skills

Sam Stalker
South Lakes (Coniston & Hawkshead area)

Hi, I’m Sam Stalker and at present my job is as a Ranger for the Coniston and Little Langdale area.

My job is never the same from day to day, with such a huge variety of jobs and people to work with, it's just the way I like it.

'Man at the Top'
I started my career with the National Trust five years ago with a seasonal job on the South Lakes footpath team. I continued to work on the upland footpath repair projects in the summer season’s when I was not studying for my degree in Sustainable Environmental Management.

I completed my studies in May 2010 and began work for the National Trust in a full time position on the footpath team in June 2010, where I took on the role of 'Man at the Top' for the Fix the Fells project, meaning that I wrote regular updates for the website about the progress of the projects that we were working on.

Feeling connected
I am presently working as a Ranger for the Coniston and Little Langdale area, involving regular patrolling of our popular visitor spots as well as various conservation and educational tasks. One day I could be teaching the local primary school children how to identify invertebrates in the stream and the next I can be repairing a drystone wall.

This job has allowed me to come back and work in the area that I grew up in and feel a great connection too, whilst at the same timr doing a job that I greatly enjoy.