Become a walk leader in Knole Park

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One way you can help to support Knole is by volunteering on walks in the Park, either as a leader or a tail-ender.  With almost 1,000 acres of parkland to explore, you can make each walk your own, and tailor your walk to the seasons or the interests of visitors.

Walks usually happen on open days, from Tuesday to Sunday for most of the year, but unlike most other types of volunteering, walk volunteering continues even during the winter months when the park is at its quietest and wildlife is most in evidence. 

There are also opportunities to help with longer-distance walks around Sevenoaks and to other Trust places, as well as special-interest walks.

Timings of walks are up to you, although they usually leave at some point between 11am and 2.30pm.  They last as long (or as short) as you and your visitors want them to.  You can help with a walk as often or as rarely as you like: our current volunteer walk leaders come either once a month, once a fortnight or weekly.

'Knole is a treasure chest and prising open the lid for visitors, especially children, is great fun. You never know what wonders we will all see,' said Gordon, park walk leader and garden volunteer.

'I love walking through our beautiful park with a group of friendly and interested people, watching the season change and how it affects the plants, trees, insects and animals that live there,' said Gilly, walk leader and room steward.

For more information, contact Jonathan Sargant, Community Learning Officer.