Handle Tudor artefacts at Knole

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We have an extensive collection of replica Tudor artefacts which is an ever-popular feature of school visits.

If your class visit Knole, you will discover two 'treasure' chests: one chest holds items belonging to a rich family and one contains items belonging to a poor family. It's up to the children to work out which is which.

Even more tricky, your class can try to decide what the objects are made of and what they are used for. Some objects are harder to guess than others.  Would you recognise the following:

  • a handy accessory to keep your skirts clean of smelly Tudor mud?
  • a device to keep the dust down on your carpets?
  • an item to solve the problem of birds eating your seeds and to help with overactive children?

A member of our learning team will be on hand to provide clues.

If you would like us to visit you, we can run a similar session in your classroom. Usually we run this session as part of the costume workshop or alongside various other themed sessions.

For more information or a booking pack e-mail us or call 01732 462100.