Lynton and Lynmouth

Lynmouth harbour © National Trust / Vera Jelinkova

Lynmouth harbour

Known as 'Little Switzerland' by the Victorians, it's hard not to love this area. Surrounded by tree-clad cliffs, dotted about with beautiful buildings and with lots for visitors to see and do.

Going up and going down...
Joining the two villages is the famous Cliff Railway which opened in 1890 - a daring accomplishment which rises over 500 feet vertically, and which needs absolutely no power to operate as it cleverly uses the motive power of water to move its cars up and down the track.

Valley of the Rocks
Half a mile west from Lynton is the Valley of the Rocks, a dry valley which runs parrallel to the coast with interesting geology, resident feral goats and views along to Woody Bay and Heddons Mouth.

Lynmouth Memorial Hall
The hall was built in memory of the 1952 flood disaster. Upstairs it has an exhibition which really helps to share the scale and impact of the flood on local residents. There's a scale model of what Lynmouth looked like before the disaster and its humble reminder to all who visit of the power of mother nature, and the courage of local people in dealing with adversity.