Seasonal flower guide for Newark Park

With over 725 acres, we've got space for an incredible range of different habitats. From deer park to parkland, and woodlands to lakeside, Newark is a great place to see the local plant life. With so many horticultural highlights throughout the year, we've listed the must-see flowers and plants for each season.


    Wild garlic in Newark Park, Gloucestershire

    Spring often comes early to Newark. Always a highlight, mass plantations of snowdrops viewed from a distance create an appearance of fresh snowfall. Amongst various varieties of snowdrops, visitors can find butterbur, heliotropes, snowberry, aconites, daffodils and more.

    Winter becomes a distant memory as primroses, crocuses, forsythia, squill, bluebells and periwinkles make a welcome appearance.



    Nothing is quite like Newark in the summer sun. With the warmth and sunshire penetrating even the thickest woodland, the place really comes to life.

    At the start of the summer you can expect to find irises, narcissi, honeysuckle, day lilies and dog roses.

    As the summer progresses, showy  hydrangeas, acanthaceae, hebes, scabiosa and inula put on a colourful show.


    Newark Park Gloucestershire Autumn cyclaman (Cyclamen coum)

    Facing south, down the Cotswold escarpment, Newark Park is ideally placed to catch the best of the fleeting summer sun. Expect to see flowing buddleia, globe artichokes, michaelmas daisies, crocosmia and Chinese groundsel.

    As the leaves begin to turn, more plants are awaiting their moment in the spotlight. Fuchsias and clematis flower in abundance as well as polygonums, dahlias and helianthus.

Newark Park truly is a year-round gem for plant life. From the delicate snowdrops welcoming a new spring to the end-of-season show put on by the fushias and dahlias, there's always something special to see.