Keeping the kids keen at Aberdulais

There's a wealth of wonderful things for families to discover and enjoy while exploring Aberdulais Tinworks and Waterfall. Some hold surprises, some just simply taste scrumptious. You can even take some of them home.  

    Pick up a tracker pack

    Become a tin detective with one of our tracker packs

    Inside our tracker packs you'll find everything you need to get your Aberdulais expedition under way.

    50 things to do before you're 11¾

    50 Things To Do Before You

    You can't walk behind our waterfall, sadly, but there are several of the other 49 must-dos on offer at Aberdulais. And there's at least one for every season.

    Get to know Richard and Lucy

    Richard Morgan worked in the Aberdulais Tinplate Works as a child of nine.

    Richard Morgan and Lucy Lewis were two of the many children that played an important part in the Aberdulais story. But it wasn't easy for them...

    Catch sight of a kingfisher...

    A Kingfisher

    See if you can spot a kingfisher. If not (blink and you'll miss him), there are plenty of other birds to spy including dippers and wagtails, gooseander and heron.

    Go batty about bats


    Join one of our evening bat-watch walks. Borrow a bat detector and listen out for the distinctive cries of our daubenton bats...

    Events with attitude

    Aberdulais staff dressing up for their Dorothy and the Tin man event

    Our themed events reflect the Aberdulais story in action. Entertain and be entertained.

    Fun and games, Victorian style

    Children in Victorian costume at Aberdulais

    Rediscover the innocent fun of Victorian childhood. Try your hand at traditional games and dress up in traditional costumes - suitable for children of all ages.

    Enjoy a Tinman's Lunch

    A teddy bears

    Visit the Old School House tea-room for a Tinman's Lunch. Or bring your own and picnic on the grass. Finish off with a tub of Joe's ice cream and some toffee waffles (all good local produce).

    Take the fun home with you

    In the age of plastic and computer games, you can still find the traditional toys here at Aberdulais.  Our range of authentic Victorian childhood games will appeal to children of all ages.

    Visit us again...

    Snow and ice transform Aberdulais into a winter wonderland

    ...and see how the seasons transform our beautiful scenery. And if you join National Trust, every visit is admission free.