Wildlife I-Spy at Aberdulais

Aberdulais has become a haven for wildlife since the industrialists departed 150 years ago. Today, Mother Nature sits alongside our heritage as a must-see in our secluded gorge.

Local schoolchildren have fashioned in tinplate some of the many birds, beasts and bugs who've set up home here. We've put them on our visitor centre wall. See how many you can identify...


    Aberdulais tinplate wildlife

    We have yellow ones, grey ones and even pied ones. But do you know what this bird is called?



    What's this slithery, slippery creature? You can find them in the river.



    There are 40,000 different ones in the world, and you're never more than 10 feet from one of them. But what are they?


    Can you name this bird?

    Blink and you'll miss him.  But once seen never forgotten. What's his name?


    Aberdulais tinplate wildlife

    A fish with no scales but lots of spines - and popular as prey for our feathered foragers. Do you know what they are?


    Which insect is this?

    This six-legged creature packs a bloody punch. Do you know what it is?


    Can you identify this bird?

    An Aberdulais favourite, this little fellow spends the day in and out of the river finding food. Can you identify it?


    Aberdulais tinplate wildlife

    Beautiful and brightly coloured... but what are they called?


    Aberdulais tinplate wildlife

    They fly but they're not birds. Do you know what they are?


    Aberdulais tinplate wildlife

    These are summer visitors and they're always on the wing. Do you know what they are?