My favourite treasure at Coleton Fishacre

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We asked our staff and volunteers for their favourite treasures at Coleton Fishacre - be it something in the house, a view, an aspect in the garden, anything close to their hearts. The responses have been amazing and this poem by Eileen Croft, a volunteer at Coleton Fishacre, is especially touching.

Coleton’s best treasure? It’s the stream, of course.

Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it gurgles, sometimes it roars.
But always it speaks to you.

It tells of times long before you were born when its valley was hidden and wild.
It tells of a band of men who dug out the quarry and built the house and shaped the garden.
It tells of all the people who lived in the beautiful house, and walked in the glorious garden.
Of their lives, their adventures, their dreams and their loves.

It talks to the crowds of people who visit today.
Those who live nearby and those who have come from afar, it makes all welcome.

And it chatters constantly to the gardeners.

The stream is the life blood that flows through the valley.

It pours from its tunnel under Seemly Terrace to burst out into the Rill Garden and make its way among the stately plants there.
Until it tumbles into the gulley below and rests for a moment among the irises and marigolds and stillness of a pond.

It gurgles its winding way to another, lower pond – that is still and secretive, surrounded by plants that are large and strange.

And then it’s on a headlong race, jumping among rocks and boulders. Between banks growing ever wilder, it leaps and foams its way down to the sea and freedom.