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On the lead or running free?

Child walking his dog at Knightshayes

Child walking his dog at Knightshayes

All dogs should be kept on a lead in the parkland areas adjacent to the driveway, for their own safety. Elsewhere in the parkland, and the woodland, dogs may be exercised off the lead, though they should be under control at all times, and we ask owners to aware of other visitors;  some people are uncomfortable around even the friendliest dog

Sometimes, there is livestock crazing in our fields, and at those times, we would expect all owners to ensure their dogs are on the leads at all times.

Keeping it clean

Only dogs with well behaved owners are allowed

Please help Knightshayes remain a beautiful place for all by being responsible and clearing up after your dog. There is a dog bin by the lower entrance to the woodland, opposite the stable block.