Weird and wacky histories of Box Hill

The upside-down grave of Major Peter Labelliere © National Trust

The upside-down grave of Major Peter Labelliere

Lots of interesting people have lived on and visited Box Hill over the years. People like Major Peter Labilliere, the man who was buried on Box Hill upside down.

Major Peter Labilliere thought the world was topsy turvey and that it would turn upside down. So when that happened, he would be the right way up. A few miles away, a horse is buried upside down too. You might think it was Major Peter Labilliere's horse but it's actually just a big coincidence.

Why did you have to wear slippers to work on Box Hill?
What about the army who had to go to work in their slippers? The Old Fort would have been full of gunpowder so instead of the army men wearing their boots, they had to wear their woolly slippers. This is because just one spark from a boot hitting the stone floor would have blown up the whole building.

Grandma's memories
Children have enjoyed Box Hill for hundreds of years, maybe your grandparents or great-grandparents used to visit when they were your age. Some will remember sitting on the viewpoint during the Second World War, watching the bomber planes flying over. Apparently, when the noises of the planes changed, the children would run and hide in the woods just in case.