Film and photography at Aberdulais

Aberdulais Mill by JMW Turner © National Trust / National Library of Wales

Aberdulais Mill by JMW Turner

Aberdulais Tinworks and Waterfall has been attracting people in search of beautiful images for hundreds of years. 

First it was the artists, led by no less a luminary than JMW Turner himself. John Ruskin came here too, among many others.

Today, artists are still painting the Falls as our regular art exhibitions can testify, but it's the camera that takes centre stage.

Taking pictures at Aberdulais

Our visitors are welcome to take as many pictures, be they stills or video, as they wish for their own use and enjoyment.

Commercial photographers are also welcome to capture this wonderful location.  All we ask is that you pay a standard entrance fee (unless you're a National Trust member, of course) and that you acknowledge National Trust Aberdulais in connection with any published images.

Please do supply copies for our archive which we can use for promotional purposes (in which case, we will credit you).