Chirklands Association

Chirk Castle © Matthew Antrobus

Chirk Castle

Chirklands Association has strong ties to historic Chirk Castle. If you would like to support the National Trust locally and want to make your membership more enjoyable and effective, Chirklands is for you.

During the winter months we organise talks covering a wide range of subjects. In the past these have covered topics such as Decorative Gold Leaf Work, Woodland Development and a hilarious lecture on The Good Old Days.

In December we usually have a social event such as our recent visit to Manchester Christmas Market, which was followed by a concert at the Bridgewater Hall.

In the better weather there are outings, such as our recent private visit to Cholmondeley Castle and our annual long weekend holiday.

Membership is open to all National Trust members and volunteers, drawn from a wide area surrounding the castle. We are a friendly group offering a warm welcome to new members.

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