Wimbledon National Trust Association

A view of Morden Hall from the surrounding moat © National Trust / Morden Hall Park

A view of Morden Hall from the surrounding moat

The Wimbledon National Trust Association was founded in 1982 and currently has around 400 members in and around South West London.

Our objectives are to promote the National Trust locally, raise funds in its support, and arrange a programme of events and activities to enrich members’ understanding of its work.

We also aim to support the properties in this area and mainly support our ‘local’ property Morden Hall Park by providing, for example, amenities, gardening and educational equipment. Since our formation we have raised around £100,000 that has been allocated to National Trust projects.

Wimbledon Association is independent of the National Trust and governed by a constitution common to all the charity’s centres and associations. Our affairs are conducted by a committee of officers and members, who are elected at our Annual General Meeting, held in March each year.

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