Our big repairs project

First comes the scaffolding...

First comes the scaffolding...

We've completed a £750,000 project to repair the parts of Wray Castle in greatest need of work and to improve things for you, the visitors. Key to everything else was making the roof watertight but a variety of other things were done, some more unusual than others!

Most of the work was at a high level, encapsulating the tops of the parapets to ensure the building was watertight. This will always be a challenge because of how the castle's multiple roofs meet in gulleys above the main body of the building. Other work was also being done: below are some of the jobs we ticked off our list.

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Watery stuff

  • New water supply pipe
  • New drains to west and north side of castle
  • Upgrade of existing water supply pipes

We also replaced or repaired plaster and carried out decorations where damp had left its mark.

Unusual tasks

While there was scaffolding in place to undertake other works, we also wanted to:

  • Reinstate the clock in the tower
  • Get the portcullis to operate (that's not a job you see too often on a to-do list)


The grounds

Work will continue to improve paths around the grounds but we also:

  • Replaced the boathouse's old corrugated iron roof
  • Put in a new access road to the lower car park

Builders - going, going, gone

Striking manly poses, the builders on their last day at Wray Castle

Striking manly poses, the builders on their last day at Wray Castle

After working throughout one of the longest and snowiest winters we've seen in living memory our building team have finished up and said goodbye to us. It must have been very chilly working up on the roof outside on those winter days but at least there were fantastic views! They've done a great job and we'll miss them.

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