Inside the castle

Stand under the mock-Gothic arches in the castle

Stand under the mock-Gothic arches in the castle

Wray Castle is unlike any other National Trust property and the experience you have here will be different so we'd ask that you leave any assumptions at the door.

What you’ll find at Wray Castle:

  • See what can happen to a 'grand' building like this when no family can afford to live in it and it passes through a series of different institutional roles;
  • Understand more of the conservation challenge the Trust faces in all its historical buildings;
  • Enjoy a guided tour through the history of a building;
  • Experience a National Trust house where you are free to poke and prod around behind the scenes;
  • Appreciate the sight and sounds of rooms brought to life by children playing;
  • Join us at the beginning as we work to care for the Castle and gradually bring it to life (and feel free to make suggestions of what you think we could do here).

What you’ll not find at Wray Castle (but Hill Top, Sizergh Castle and Townend nearby all have them instead).

  • Beautifully furnished rooms;
  • The chance to immerse yourself in an owner-family’s history through several generations;
  • A Trust house that is restored and complete;
  • Peaceful corridors and rooms full of antique treasures and family paintings

If you're intrigued then do come and see for yourself.

A working portcullis

Every home should have one!

We've had the wooden protcullis at the front door restored to working order and twice a day at opening and closing times you can see it in operation; definitely one of the castle's quirky features.

Great things you've said about the castle

Looks like a 'regular' Trust visit from outside, but inside...

Looks like a 'regular' Trust visit from outside, but inside...

Last year we had fantastic feedback about the castle especially from families and people who liked that things that were a bit different; here's some of our favourite quotes (so far):

  • It's like a maze disguised as a castle- one of the best 'days out' in my life
  • We've never laughed so much on a visit to an National Trust property before
  • Would miss a MacDonalds for this
  • Can we dress up as ladies for the whole visit?
  • It's great to go somewhere where you aren't worried about the kids breaking anything! Great day out

Come and see for yourself what they mean.

Warning: kids at play

Enjoying the castle theme

With all our empty rooms and not much furniture, we've created lots of space for kids (and adults!) to play.

There's castle building, crafts and dressing up as knights and princesses, just watch out for those swords.