Pyramidal Orchids can be found at Old Saltburn © Kate Horne

Pyramidal Orchids can be found at Old Saltburn

Old Saltburn

Old Saltburn may only be a small piece of land but is interesting for its nature conservation value.

The slumped boulder clay cliff slopes that rise up from the beach support plants such as hemp-agrimony, fragrant orchid, bird’s foot trefoil and betony.

The steep sided valley that cuts through the centre of the property is know as Little Dale and is a Site of Nature Conservation Importance. Salad burnet, wild thyme, harebell and common century can be found growing here.

Old Saltburn is easily accessed from the public car park on the front at Saltburn-by-the-Sea. The entrance to the grassland is at grid reference NZ669215.

Kittiwakes breed on Cowbar Nab © Gareth Wilson

Kittiwakes breed on Cowbar Nab

Cowbar Nab

This headland shelters the picturesque fishing village of Staithes.
In spring it is home to a raucous colony of seabirds. Kittiwakes, fulmars and the occasional razorbill jostle for position on precarious looking ledges. On grassy areas towards the top a large colony of herring gulls add to the cacophony.

A walk onto the top of the nab offers great views over the village. There are some interesting plants that grow up here including wild cabbage and wild carrot.

There are public car parks for visitors to Cowbar Nab in both Staithes and Cowbar.

The grid reference for Cowbar Nab is NZ780189.

The rare great crested newt breed in the ponds at Runswick Bay © Rainer Theuer

The rare great crested newt breed in the ponds at Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay

Our field at Runswick Bay contains two reservoirs built to feed an ironwork’s blast furnace in the mid 19th-century, the remains of which can be found at the base of the slumped sea cliffs.
Today they are managed as wildlife ponds. The deeper of the two provides breeding habitat for all three of our native species of newt, including the rare great crested newt.

There are two public car parks at Runswick Bay. Follow the Cleveland Way to grid reference NZ807162 to visit the ponds.