Autumn at Anglesey Abbey

As the tones of green fade in to shades of copper and red, join us at Anglesey Abbey to discover a unique House bought by the Fairhaven brothers in 1926; 114 acres of magnificent gardens, a working water mill and and a wildlife adventure playground all within a few miles of the historic city of Cambridge.

Explore the gardens

‚ÄčOpen daily from 9.30am until 5.30pm.

From formal gardens full of colour to open spaces and avenues lined with copper trees, autumn at Anglesey Abbey is not something to be missed. 

Designed to have a peak each and every season, the gardens are still providing calm spaces to walk, places to sit and photograph hot spots a plenty. To find out where our current favourite spots are, head to our gardens page where you'll find the latest information on the gardens currently looking their best.  

Atmospheric views across the gardens at Anglesey Abbey during the autumn.

The gardens at Anglesey Abbey 

With warm tones of oranges and reds lining the avenues of trees, autumn in the gardens is always a perfect photo opportunity. Find out where our hot spots are ahead of your next visit.

Seasonal Garden Tours

Weekdays at 11.30am and 1.30pm | Free

Want to find out more about the fascinating gardens that Anglesey Abbey is so well known for? Join one of our friendly, knowledgeable garden guides for a tour of the gardens, picking out the favourite autumnal hot spots and what's looking good on the day of your visit.

Find out more here.

Please note: These tours are run by volunteers, and are subject to change. If you would like to take part, please call ahead of your visit to ensure that they are running on the day. 


Step inside..

This autumn we’re inviting you to explore nature in the collections. With over 10,000 objects to furnish his home at Anglesey Abbey, Lord Fairhaven built his collection out of many different materials found in nature, including wood, leather and precious stones.

Journey through the house, with each space highlighting a different material, and learn more about the methods that our conservation team use care for them, including monitoring and preventative conservation.

Autumn House

Discover the House at Anglesey Abbey 

This Christmas immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas in a country home. Discover the contrast between a classy Christmas full of vintage glamour, and halls decked with tacky tinsel, brightly coloured decorations and lights.

See how our team care for our books all year round in our Library.
See how our team care for our books all year round in our Library.
See how our team care for our books all year round in our Library.
Uncover Lode Mill's history

Open Tuesday - Sunday, 10.30 - 3.30 (Daily in school holidays) 

Lode Mill was purchased by Lord Fairhaven in 1934, eight years after the Fairhaven brothers acquired the estate. After restoration work undertaken by the Cambridgeshire Wind and Watermill Society was completed in 1982, it has been milling corn ever since.

Located at half way through the Winter and Riverside walk, Lode Mill tells the story of grain to plate in the setting of a historic working watermill. 

Climb to the top floor and follow the process down to the freshly milled wholemeal flour on the ground floor. Why not pick up a bag and bake something new at home?

Lode Mill in Autumn

Anglesey Abbey Lode Mill 

Centuries old, Lode Mill is a watermill that was restored to perfect working order. Today, you can see how our team of millers turn grain into fresh wholemeal flour. Click here to find out the fascinating history of Lode Mill.

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