Special seating in secret spots

A la Ronde daffodils

With spring in full swing find a new place to chill out and relax while enjoying the views across the Exe estuary with our new seating around our hay meadow perimeter walk.

Enjoy the new seating we have in place surrounded by nature.  The hay meadow is being to spring into action getting ready for the summer with an amazing abundance of flora and founa.

Three new wooden seats have been placed in around the perimeter of the hay meadow, one facing the east of the house with its back to the woods, surrounded by spring flowers, another in the old kitchen garden facing the south of the house and finally one to the west of the house facing the Exe estuary. 

Outside the shop we have new circular tree seating that wraps itself around an old oak tree.

All the seating is designed for you to relax, chill out and enjoy time away from our busy modern lives.