Conservation in Action

Archaeological digging at Aberdulais

Over the years, the National Trust has invested in conservation and brought Aberdulais back to life.

Some of the projects undertaken over the past few years are:

  • Europe's largest generating waterwheel, which now sits in the original wheelpit and generates "green" electricity, and the Turbine (affectionately known as Edvaard)  have had a huge make-over, with new sluice gates, launders and electric panels being fitted.
  • Various projects have brought buildings back from disrepair, seeing them cleared of vegetation and consolidated for future generations. The river wall has also had some extensive work, to prevent it from collapsing. 
River wall repairs at Aberdulais
River marine specialists working on the river wall at Aberdulais
River wall repairs at Aberdulais
  • The towering chimney had some deterioration of the brickwork within the structure, which was used to control the heat of the tinworks' furnaces. We've carried out some detailed restoration work to preserve it for the future.
  • The tinning house is a key area of the site and recent excavation of the floor exposed a number of pits which, in their current state, are very vulnerable. Our archaeologist recorded the building, taking note of the exact position of individual stones with drawings and photographs of the floor and walls. Most of the floor and pits were then covered over, so we can conserve it. 
Conservation work at Aberdulais tinning house
Aberdulais Tinning House Conservation Work
Conservation work at Aberdulais tinning house