No Fireworks on the Edge

This year, many local firework displays are cancelled because of the Covid pandemic. But please don't consider setting off fireworks in the 200 year old woodland at Alderley Edge. Lighting fireworks here damages the woodland, distresses the wildlife and produces litter, most of which is non-recyclable.

When ignited, fireworks spread over a wide area. Ranger Tim Ryan explains:

“Last year fireworks were set off over several evenings, and not just around 5 November. It took our ranger team, most of whom are volunteers, the equivalent of a full day to find and remove all the waste from fireworks. The National Trust is a charity and removing waste costs us money and time, which could instead be used on conservation work to support the wildlife and woodland here. Please help to protect this special place by not setting off fireworks at Alderley Edge.”

Protecting the National Trust’s charitable funds is even more important this year, as we have lost an estimated £200 million during the Covid-19 crisis.

Tim also warns that the woodland areas are not suitable for visitors after dark; the woods are unlit and the footpaths are uneven and can be slippery after wet weather.

It is illegal to set off fireworks in public places.

The National Trust car park at Alderley Edge will be locked at 5pm from Monday 26th October.

Thank you for your cooperation.