The Story of Alderley

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Whether you're a regular visitor to Alderley Edge or about to make your first visit, we know you will be intrigued by its rich history and legends and keen to know more about ‘The story of Alderley’.

The Alderley Edge Landscape Project

In 1953 the schoolboy Alan Garner rediscovered a wooden shovel originally found in the Alderley copper mines in 1875.  In 1991 he presented it to Manchester Museum, this and the discovery of a hoard of over 500 Roman Coins inspired the creation of the Alderely Edge Landscape Project, a multi-disciplinary research programme of the Museum and the National Trust, that aimed to study the entire history of Alderley, from geology to entomology, mining to oral history.

The story of Alderley

It's unlkely that any other village has had such a comprehensive study of its story: The book concludes with Alan Garner's retelling of the famous legend of the sleeping king, setting a familary tale told to him by his grandfather in a whole other world of prehistoric ritual and sacrifice.

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Manchester University Press